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Top 10 Questions

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Do I Need to Download an App to Place Orders?

No. Guests don't need to download an app, they can order immediately via the RoomOrders web app. Simply scan the QR code or, alternatively, tap an NFC tag and you can order.

Can Guests Browse Our Digital Menus in their Native Language?

Yes. Display your menu in German, Spanish, French or any other major language that our platform supports. The right language, in conjunction with appealing images of your menu items, make the ordering process very easy for your foreign customers.

Do We Need to Contact You to Make Changes to our Menus and Restaurant Settings?

No. Change menu items, hours of menu availability, modifiers, fees and much more yourself. You are in complete control of your venue profile and menu!

Will Our Guests Be Notified that their Order Has Been Received?

Yes. When guests register via email during the checkout process, they will receive confirmation notifications that their order has been accepted.

Does RoomOrders Only Work for In-Room Dining?

No. RoomOrders can be deployed for any kind of venue, be it room service in a hotel, restaurants, poolsides, beachsides, rooftop bars, cafes, shops, sporting venues, theaters, etc. There is virtually no limitation to where you can introduce our web-based platform. Better yet, you can interconnect as many venues as you wish while managing them from only one user interface!

Can RoomOrders Integrate with Our POS or Website?

Yes. RoomOrders can do both but certain development & licensing may apply. Please contact us  for more details.

What If I Don’t Have a POS system at my Venue?

No problem at all. RoomOrders does not require a POS system to function at your establishment. RoomOrders can be implemented within a matter of days without disrupting your current processes. No special training of your staff is required either.

Is RoomOrders Available Only in Certain Geographical Regions?

No. RoomOrders is a truly global solution with clients from Brisbane to Barcelona, Belgrade and Boston, etc.

How Do I Raise Awareness among my Guests About the Possibility to Order via RoomOrders?

Easy. RoomOrders will provide you complimentary design proposals for your QR code or NFC chip tag marketing props. RoomOrders is brand agnostic and completely aligns with your brand style guides. We can design QR codes and NFC tags for you on a wide range of props – from cardboard, to wood or stone.

Does RoomOrders Support Different Currencies, Services Charges and Payment Methods?

Yes. RoomOrders accommodates all your payment requirements, including payment in different currencies, charging different tax rates for menu items, adding various service and delivery charges. Guests can choose from any preferred method of payment that you would like to offer (Charge to Room, Cash or Credit Card).

Does RoomOrders Allow to Retrieve and Analyze My Customer Data?

Yes. RoomOrders provides you with complete access to your guests’ data. RoomOrders does not keep nor does it sell the data to third parties. RoomOrders is GDPR compliant.

Is RoomOrders Expensive?

No. RoomOrders does not require any kind of capital investment and pricing plans are available from a low $50 per month. To inquire about your exact pricing, please get in touch with us. There are no hidden costs nor do we charge setup fees. Our flexible contracts allow you to discontinue our partnership without the usual hassle.